Russell Mountford

I'm a fresh faced illustrator based in Manchester, England. I am currently studying a course in illustration at Glyndwr university in Wrexham, North Wales.

I work digitally alot of the time but love picking up a paint brush or spray can and working traditional. Nothing beats that feeling and sound.
My style is very character driven. I love creating these crazy characters and creatures and building my own world with in the page.
My work has been described as worked into doodles with an element of street art. Which is perfectly happy with me. I used to want to work realistically but found i enjoyed working quick and loose in my sketchbooks.

I'm influenced by the stories i hear in my life. Nature and wildlife plays a huge role in my sketching alongside historical periods and cultures such as the artwork of the Aztecs and Mayans.

My goals in my art career is to get involved with art festivals and events. I love going to these and watching the artist work and having a good chat about thier work. To draw up one of my many stories and produce it as a book and create some screen prints.