Digital Illustrations

Betrayal of the Bear King

I came up with a tale of why bears love honey and why bees defend it so much. I produced this one off piece based on that idea and i am thinking of expanding it into a book.

Created using Adobe Illustrator

The Young King

Another original character. He is known as The Young King and he rides a giant pug into battle.

Rendered using Adobe Photoshop.

Secret 7 Vinyl Competition.

This design was created for the Secret 7 competition. This was where you had to listen to a pre chosen song and draw what image came to mind. It couldn't have any link to the band or song in anyway.

Out of the list i chose Public Enemy - Harder than you think.

Created using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


We had a uni brief to create a magical item. I designed this little guy called a Bunyip named after a mythological water beast. The idea behind these were that they were an endless supply of water. You could use them from filling up your kettle to watering the garden.

Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Roses and Hope

What started off as a doodle. This piece has become a full illustration and then a t-shirt print. I recently decided to go back and improve it, this included new smooth line work and a brand new colour palette.
This design will now be used as a sticker pack i will be producing to help promote myself.

Search for The Sun

I had a brief where i had to generate 4 illustrations for children based on the same theme. I decided to add a narrative to mine based on a fox cub who was scared of the dark so he decided to ask the sun for one of its flames.

I was at the time working on my Dissertation about Aztec and Mayan art. The research into that played a massive role in the style of these illustrations.

Search for the Sun 2

In this scene our loveable character has fallen into a fast flowing stream because he miss took the suns reflection as the actual thing.

Water was done digitally using inks and markers. The fox cub was rendered digitally.

Search for the Sun 3

Our hero was saved from his watery fate by a guardian of forest. Who is a huge stag. The stag tells him to go speak to the Buzzard who could possibly fly him to the sun on his back.

Search for the Sun 4

After climbing the Buzzards tree and getting a spot of bother. He finally meets the Buzzard and tells him of his quest meet the sun.
Will the Buzzard accept?

This one is for a Uni brief were we had to create a billboard based on Diversity with in race. I decided to use my love of Adventure to inspire me because in all the great adventure stories, there is always a wide range of races.

It was fun working on a large scale because i have never worked that big before and i was happy it could be reproduced a larger size. Theirs currently a massive print of it in my uni.

Adobe Illustrator.

I enjoyed designing the characters from my diversity piece so much that i drew two more single images of them both. Just to show them off that little bit more.

In a uni brief we were asked to represent some one with out using any words and their features. I chose my father for my inspiration. I chose an elephant to represent both his age and his travels through India at my age. The book and a scholar to represent his career as teacher and his love for knowledge. Passion Flowers are his favourite flower and a bunch of grapes to show his love of wine.

All created in Adobe Illustrator

Loving the Elephant image. I wanted to see if i could carry on the style using a random animal. I chose an owl for this one due to my sister loving them.

Poster design to be exhibited in porters Victorian gallery exhibit.


A selection of illustrations i have created over the years using both traditional and digital media.


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