Massive fan of vinyl and custum toys.

This one is from the series called Lunartrix by Matt Jones.
Designed this one once again on an Aztec theme, based around the turtoquise masks.

To the Skies!

A piece done during an event called Doodle Planet my Uni held in the union.
Created using acrylics, poscas and spray paint.

Need to get a better photo so you can see the spray paint.

Original Sketch of the Young King

For a daily draw challange where the theme star wars robots.

I decided on a twist for mine and draw a pit droid in a traditional tattoo style.

A quick drawing of one of my favourite video game characters. Issac Clarke from Dead Space.

Another piece From doodle planet.

Based on an idea from a uni brief. Where at a site in London called Pickering place. Gentleman would meet up for duels there.

Just Poscas on this one.

Skull sticker


I found sketching these guys is a great way to beat a creative block. i have no idea why but give it a go some time.

Rendered using water colours, spraypaint and outlines done with markers and indian ink.


I really enjoy working Traditional but i am limited at the time but try my best to do the odd piece now and then


streetart, graffiti